Our Story

Hello and thank you for visiting our site. We are Katherine and Lauren Hale, a dynamic mother-daughter duo that created Vasiliki Designs in honor of our Greek & Italian relatives. Exquisite taste in jewelry is rooted in our DNA. For years we have collected precious rosaries, diamond rings, vintage costume jewelry, retro beaded necklaces and icon pendants worn by our grandmothers and their mothers. These heirloom pieces inspired us to design jewelry based off vintage hand me downs. We have an appreciation for treasures that get left behind whether it be coins, natural stones, pendants or chains. We revamp old into new and find our materials while traveling or at local thrift shops and markets.

Many of our designs include rosaries, crosses and saint pendants. The origins of our inspiration come from family jewels that include religious icons, a very important part of our Greek & Italian heritage.

All of our designs are hand assembled and created with the concept of being one of a kind. Many of the components we use in our work are extremely detailed and rare to find, often making it difficult for us to find the exact pieces again. We believe this uniqueness adds something special to our designs. Upon request, we will do our best to replicate pieces, with the rule that it may vary slightly from the original copy. Each design is created with it's own touch and promises that no one else will have the same exact piece. We believe in supporting local businesses and strive to keep all of our designs hand made and/or replicated in Seattle.

We hope you find one of our designs in your jewelry box and the stories behind it inspire you to follow your passions and dreams, like they did for us.
— Katherine and Lauren Hale